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On-Demand Yoga Studio

UNLIMITED ACCESS to on-demand yoga classes for all levels. Start Your 7-Day FREE TRIAL Today!

Yin & Restorative Yoga: Full Immersions

Therapeutic Yin & Restorative Yoga for EVERY season.

Ashtanga Yoga 101

Start a Daily Ashtanga Yoga Practice, Step-by-Step. 10-week On-Demand Programme

Intro to Hatha Yoga (Beginners Course)

A comprehensive intro to the underlying principles of Hatha Yoga ~ the root of most yoga styles practiced in the west

Flight School: Arm Balances & Inversions

Explore Arm Balances & Handstand Techniques, Practices, Skills & Drills, with Chris Croft

The Yoga Lab (Improvers Yoga Course)

A short course to build your confidence and deeply explore four key components of your Hatha Yoga practice

Unfolding Ashtanga Yoga (Primary Series)

Explore the deep internal methodology of Ashtanga Yoga with this special Primary Series Immersion, w/ Chris Croft

Postures to Prayers

Exploring Yoga, Movement & Emotion, 10hr Workshop Series with Yulia Heaton-Croft

YTTC Private Group

Private Group for Yoga Beyond 300hr Teacher Trainees