Prepare to experience life in zero gravity!

Come and fly with us as we work towards towards getting you upside down in your yoga practice. We will explore the basics of Headstands, Forearm Balances and Handstand, and how to safely practice them. Mastering something new begins with learning good technique from an expert. The secret is to think big but start small. Frequent and consistent repetition of small details slowly builds confidence, expertise and a formula that applies to all areas of life. Practice, patience and perseverance are key. And remember, "how you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING"!

  • Go upside-down with ease and excitement!

  • Breakdown the skills & techniques required to ‘lift off’

  • Develop inner strength through complete bodily integration

  • Dissolve your fear and hone your technique using targeted practices & drills

  • 4hrs of step-by-step expert tutorials

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Your Teacher

Senior Teacher Chris Croft

Chris has taught yoga since 2005, is a published author and a pioneer in the field of emotional and physiological behaviour (through his ground breaking work with The Enneagram). His unique approach to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga blends over 18 years of daily yoga practice and self-study, with a deep understanding of the complexity of human personality patterns. This powerful synthesis awakens a truly inclusive approach, which embraces the differing individual needs of each student who comes to practice. By adapting the entry point to the practice, highlighting key subtle internal alignment principles and encouraging a profound intimacy with the inner breath, Chris brings yoga to life with humour and insight. Richard Freeman, and the late Michael Stone, remain Chris’s primary teachers.


Unfolding Ashtanga Yoga: 20hr Primary Series Immersion

"Chris, thank you so much. The course was amazing. I have done loads of workshops and courses over the years. Yours is one of the best I have done. You are such a good teacher, massively intellectual and very funny. Your delivery on yoga philosophy was just brilliant, you made it really interesting. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful practice and incredible teaching. I hope to see you again, I am definitely up for more"

"The workshop was great. From the selection of contents - which were exactly as described - to the delivery in a fun, easy to follow, engaging, genuine, professional and structured way. It was perfectly balanced between theory and practice and suitable for every level and personality. I would definitely be a regular at the Ashtanga Workshop if I lived closer and will be back for more workshops as soon as I get the chance"

"Thank you for an amazing 4 days on the Primary Series Immersion. I have learned so much that I can bring to my practice and hopefully even my teaching. I booked unto this course because I recognised I had retreated so much into my comfort zone that I was hopelessly stuck. Your teaching really challenged my beliefs about myself and my body. I found this course physically demanding but it was exactly what I needed. Thanks again for such an inspirational and transformative cours"

​"This workshop helped me to understand the postures in a different light. It was particularly eye opening to understand the balance between the prana and apana postures as I had never been taught that certain postures required us to go on the "dark" side of things. The workshop gradually steped up in intensity during the 4 days so we could be eased in the more difficult part of the practice, but we were not pushed to 'perform' in any postures, which is really refreshing!"

Course curriculum

    1. The King of Asana (55mins)

    2. The Bird in the Tree (55mins)

    3. The Peacock Feather (65mins)

    4. Floating Handstands (50mins)

About this course

  • £25.00
  • 4 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content