New to Yoga?

The Intro to Yoga Beginners Course is our comprehensive introduction to the underlying principles of Hatha Yoga - the root of most yoga styles practiced in the west.

  • Over 12+ hours of high quality yoga tuition

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to course content

  • Perfect for complete yoga beginners

  • Build your confidence and feel prepared to join a public yoga class

  • Step-by-step guidance introduces new movements (vinyasas) and postures (asanas) slowly and intelligently, one-by-one

  • Includes detailed instruction on foundation yoga poses and relaxation techniques

  • Learn breathing techniques (pranayama) that will calm your mind and steady your concentration

  • Specifically designed to provide you with a strong and stable introduction to yoga practice that will inspire you to sustain a regular yoga practice for years to come

Beginners Yoga Course

Over 12+ hours of high quality yoga tuition

    1. Are You Sitting Comfortably? (25mins)

    2. Yoga Begins Now (25mins)

    1. Breathing Back to Life (55mins)

    2. Ujjayi Pranayama Technique (40mins)

    1. Exploring Vinyasa as Hatha Yoga Practice (50mins)

    2. Warrior I & Friends (60mins)

    3. Core Stability & Balance (60mins)

    4. Sun Salutations (60mins)

    1. Warrior II & Friends (65mins)

    2. Round the Twist (65mins)

    3. Safe & Intelligent Back Bending (60mins)

    1. Putting Your Feet Up! (60mins)

    2. Guided Relaxation (35mins)

About this course

  • £69.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 11 hours of video content
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Step-by-step instruction for complete beginners

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Your Teacher

Senior Teacher Chris Croft

Chris has taught yoga since 2005, is a published author and a pioneer in the field of emotional and physiological behaviour (through his ground breaking work with The Enneagram). His unique approach to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga blends over 18 years of daily yoga practice and self-study, with a deep understanding of the complexity of human personality patterns. This powerful synthesis awakens a truly inclusive approach, which embraces the differing individual needs of each student who comes to practice. By adapting the entry point to the practice, highlighting key subtle internal alignment principles and encouraging a profound intimacy with the inner breath, Chris brings yoga to life with humour and insight. Richard Freeman, and the late Michael Stone, remain Chris’s primary teachers.

What Our Students Say...

Nicole Maier-Gibbs

"I discovered Chris and Yulia’s classes a couple of years ago and feel very ‘at home’ at the studio. Both are full of knowledge and humour and their approach is very practical"

Thomas Sharp

"Absolutely brilliant, Chris is a brilliant trainer and a educated guide when it comes to all things Yoga *5"

Jayne Mounsey

"WOW. What an amazing studio. A really relaxing and beautiful place to practice yoga. Chris and Yulia are both incredible instructors and extremely knowledgable in all aspects of yoga. I have also seen Yulia for structural bodywork which I also highly recommend. She’s fantastic and has helped me no end with various injuries and ailments. Look no further... you’ve found the best online studio"

Bonnie H

​"If you are wanting to start, develop or refresh your yoga journey - Chris and Yulie are the complete yoga experience. Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned yogi, they cater expertly for all levels. You can be confident that their teaching is knowledgeable, patient, challenging and fun, all whilst knowing just how much to push you on an individual level. Beware of yog-addiction at YM - you have been" warned!

Linda F

"I have done a week of your online classes now and they have been fantastic! You have been able to recreate the safe and calm environment of your studio and brought it home to me. Thank you! The guide through the practice has been wonderful- I didn’t know that I probably just needed someone to tell me what to do at times like this. Someone who I could trust. You have both done that." 🙏


"Warmest congratulations on the online classes - you are doing a really terrific job with them. I too had to move all my teaching online and realized the hard way that it is not simply a matter of sticking a camera in the corner and carrying on as usual; you are doing brilliantly in reshaping in-class tuition to online tuition. I am finding instructions clear and easy to follow, and the quality of the footage is excellent. Thank you and Yulia for providing these classes at a time we need them more than ever!"

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Over 12+ hours of high quality yoga tuition for complete beginners